General Review

  Beijing Key Laboratory of Ionic Liquids Clean Process (ILC) was approved to be established in 2011, on the basis of Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). Prof. Suojiang Zhang, Member of CAS, serves as the laboratory director, focusing on the innovative research on structure-function relationship, engineering enlargement and industrial application of ionic liquids.


  In 2001, Prof. Zhang was elected to Hundred Talents Program of CAS and returned to Beijing, establishing the Green Chemistry and Technology Research Group in IPE, CAS. Through over ten years of experience and research, the research direction has gradually been condensed to the fundamental and industrial application of ionic liquids. An innovative scientific and technological talent team has been established, and the rigorous system of R&D organization management system has been established, and the complete production-education -research combinative mechanism has been established, making a series of innovative achievements.


  As a new kind of green media and functional materials, ionic liquids provide new approach to creating new systems of reaction/separation for transformation and synthesizing new materials/products, and provide promising solutions to major problems such as resources shortage and environment pollution which hinders social and economic development. Therefore, research on ionic liquids has aroused great attention from academia, industry and governments, becoming a hot spot in international scientific research and development.


  Beijing Key Laboratory of Ionic Liquids Clean Process (ILC) is focused on the science and technology of ionic liquids, developing innovative technologies and processes for the high-efficient utilization of energy resources and energy-saving as well as emission-reduction. To meet the strategic needs of Jing-Jin-Ji region and our country, we are committed to innovation, and establishing the multi-scale theories involving the structure-property relationships, engineering scale-up and system integration of ionic liquid systems. The goal is to develop the industrial demonstrations of low carbon hydrocarbon and renewable resources utilizations, as well as large-scale energy storage. At present, the nano-structure and regulation mechanism of ionic liquid, ionic liquid synergistic catalysis and reaction process, ionic liquid functional materials and enhanced separation technology, and ionic liquid electrochemical technology have been formed.



  The laboratory has three research bases in Zhongguancun, Langfang and Zhengzhou. Zhongguancun base is located in Beijing as a frontier and original technology research center; Langfang base is located in Hebei as a center for R&D and achievement transfer; Zhengzhou base is located in Henan, which is a platform for R&D, achievement transfer, talent cultivation and business cooperation. The laboratory has formed a new mechanism for innovation and transformation of R&D achievements from basic to industrial applications.

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